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Preston Innovations Stotz

Weighty Winners! Tom Scholey explains why he loves Preston Innovations Stotz and the applications for which he uses them.

One product that there is no shortage of on the UK market is shot. Every company seems to have their own brand and, while some of it is similar, there is a great difference in the consistency and quality of what is on offer.

There even seems to be a discrepancy in quality between shot of the same brand. I’m yet to try a variety where every batch is the same. Then I discovered Preston Stotz.

Don’t get me wrong, these don’t replace shot altogether for me. When it comes to fishing for roach on fine lines, or any kind of fishing where a strung-out shotting pattern is required, I will always stick to shot. This is because Stotz can have a tendency to slide about on your line when a lot of fish are being caught – but this weakness is also their biggest strength.

The ultra-soft metal that they are made from never comes off your line once it is squeezed on, and in over four years of using them, I can’t think of any occasions when it has damaged my line at all. For commercial carp fishing, there is no finer weight to shot your float.

Another big fan of Stotz is Preston and Sonubaits-backed ace, Des Shipp. He tells me that he has even started using them for strung-out rigs because he believes the material that they are made from is not as dense as shot, so falls slower through the water – another avenue for me to explore!

All in all, they tick all the right boxes for me, soft weights that stay on the line and never damage it. What’s more, every batch that I have ever bought has been of a consistent quality. What’s not to like?

Tech Spec
Preston Innovations Stotz
Six-Division Dispenser £8.99
Four-Division Dispenser £6.99
Single Tub (sizes 8 to 11) £1.70

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