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Maver Match This Series 4

The Maver Match This 4 put to the test by Jon Arthur and Tom Scholey.

Jon On The Maver Competition Match This Series 4

The Maver Match This range of poles has been extremely successful and it doesn’t take a genius to see why. Quite simply, you get a lot of pole for your hard-earned cash and the amount of extras added at the moment has to be seen to be believed. This is no exaggeration because, as well as the impressive spares package, Maver has thrown in a free match top three and match top four and, believe it or not, a free MXi Series 3 front or cross-drawer seatbox – that’s nearly £450 worth of extras! You’d better get your skates on, though, because this offer is something that Maver has only just introduced and it finishes at the end of September.

This all means that the complete Match This Series 4 package includes four power kits, three match top-three kits, a match top four, a cupping kit, a mini extension and a seatbox, all for an SSP of less than £1,300!

So, the package is exceptional, but how does it fish? Tom and I descended onto Meadowlands’ Warren Pool full of anticipation because it is a venue where big weights have been coming out recently. Unfortunately, our test coincided with every carp in the lake trying to spawn and with bright sunshine forecast I sensed that things could be tough. Nevertheless, we had a job to do, not to mention the small matter of a £1 coin to the person who could catch the most fish in a two-hour fish-off.

With the carp close in having other things on their minds, I felt my best chance of catching could be to fish much further out, so my main line of attack was at 14.5 metres. I could see Tom was going down a soft-pellet route so I decided to do something different and rely purely on catapulting in hard pellets instead. This would also give me the chance to fish a full-depth rig and a shallow rig over the same spot.

I went for No12 latex in both my match kits, removing the No1 section completely and bushing the No2 to give me a comfortable 2.53m top kit to play with. I also rigged up a power kit with Maver’s 12-20 Dual Core Retro elastic, just in case the spawning fish miraculously turned into feeding fish down the margins.

Fishing at 14.5 metres made me really appreciate how nice a pole this is for the money. It is lovely and stiff and there was no discernible wobble whenever I whipped my shallow rig over to slap it on the water. Like every pole, it feels much better at range with a match kit fitted than a power kit and I was very impressed with the strength of the match kits with the tip section removed – this would be my choice for light to general carping. The power kits look virtually unbreakable and I wouldn’t hesitate to use these with the strongest of gear and when really big weights and zoo creatures are on the cards.

A swirling, blustery wind wasn’t making things easy but the pole seemed to cope well. As my feeding became a little bit wayward I slipped on the 16m extension and continued to fish further out fairly comfortably. I don’t think the Series 4 is an ultra-light pole but it is strong, stiff and well balanced. I prefer these qualities to lightness for UK waters because the fish are getting so strong and powerful everywhere that we fish nowadays.

My decision to fish exclusively with hard pellets turned out to be a mistake on this occasion. I managed several good carp on the tactic, plus one 2lb skimmer, while my margin swim only yielded two foul-hooked fish that both shed the hook. Tom’s soft-pellet approach was a much better ploy because not only did he tempt two bigger specimens but he also kept himself busy with a netful of small skimmers. Those all-important silver fish swung the verdict his way and he put 36lb on the scales to my 32lb. If only I had managed to net any one of those foul-hooked fish it would have been a different story!

After the two-hour bout we continued fishing to get some photos and, typically, the fishing was much better. I’m sure that if we had started later in the day we would have emptied it!

Overall, I’m very impressed with the Match This Series 4. It is perfect for all-round use as well as catching large weights of big fish. In today’s current financial climate I think we are all looking for extra value on big purchases, so the current offer with extra kits and a free seatbox is exceptional. With quality poles combined with offers like this, Maver has really set a precedent that other company’s must surely now have to follow.

Tom On The Maver Competition Match This 4

Another great pole from the Maver stable. I managed to tempt a couple of carp fishing shallow at 16 metres and the pole handled beautifully. It felt plenty strong enough to do what I asked of it and was also extremely responsive, even at its longest length. As we’ve come to expect from poles in this range, the spares package is fantastic too. You really do get a lot of pole for your money with a Maver!

Maver Competition Match This Series 4

Stated length:
16m with mini extension
Actual length: 16.58m with 95cm mini extension
Closed length: 1.79m
Top-two length: 1.83m
Top-three length: 3.18m
Top-four length: 4.48m
Top-five length: 6.01m
Top-three length with No1 removed: 2.53m
Power-kit length: 3.24m
Standard-kit elastic rating: No12
Power-kit elastic rating: No16-19 Dual Core
12.38m butt diameter: 48mm
14.07m butt diameter: 49mm
15.76m butt diameter: 50mm
Weight at 12.38m: 800g
Weight at 14.07m: 1,076g
Weight at 15.76m: 1,352g
Other features: Sun Core, Nanolith, Magic Steps, Fusion, AFS System, Teflon joints, 12-month guarantee
RRP: £1,732
SSP: £1,299.99
Package: 16m pole, four power kits, three match top-three kits, a match top-four kit, cupping kit, cups, mini extension, deluxe holdall, tubes, Clean Caps, DVD, MXi Series 3 seatbox
Spares: Power kit £54.99; deluxe power kit £69.99; short power kits £54.99; match top three £75; match top four £125; Power Zone deluxe kit £69.99; power-kit extension £24.99; short No4 £69.99; half extension £69.99; 16m extension £165



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