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MAP TKS M2 Margin Pole

Power And Class! If you want a margin power tool that offers that bit of extra star quality, then Tom Scholey reckons you simply have to check out the MAP TKS M2 margin pole…

I I don’t believe that there has ever been a better time to be in the market for a new pole. For sure, the packages that pole manufacturers now offer are more consumer friendly than ever before and MAP has had a big part to play in this.

It is difficult to believe that seven years ago, when I first started work on this magazine, the thought of a pre-bushed pole was unheard of and, generally, if you bought a flagship pole and wanted spare sections, you had to be prepared to shell out a big chunk of cash to get hold of them.

Nowadays, when you buy a pole it is invariably ready to thread up with elastic and use straightaway, and thanks to poles like the TKS M2, which I have come fishing with today, carrying spare interchangeable sections even for a flagship pole like MAP’s TKS 901 has never been more affordable. You see, the TKS M2 is fully interchangeable with the TKS 601/901 2G models as well as the original 701/901s. Also, the TKS M2’s little brother – the TKS M1 – is cross compatible with the new TKS 401/501 2G series. So for any current MAP pole user who owns one from these ranges, the TKS M1 or M2 is a lot more than just a margin pole – it is a valuable set of spare main sections for their ‘proper’ pole too.

But what of the TKS M2 in its own right? Well I can honestly say that I have never picked up a better margin pole. It is not the cheapest on the market, with an RRP of £245, but you get a cracking pole for your money. It is supplied complete with two pre-bushed power kits, both of which are fitted with side pullers. After giving each section a reassuring squeeze, I felt I could fish with confidence too – although the pole isn’t overly bulky or heavy it certainly feels strong!

To give the pole a thorough workout, I took it to the lovely Daisy’s Lake at Barston near Solihull. This is a lovely mixed lake with a good head of big F1s, carp and bream. Fishing down the edge to my right, I found around three feet of water fishing towards a naughty looking reed bed. If any peg was going to give this pole a workout, then this was it! I fitted it with a length of Preston Innovations 15 Hollo elastic and tied up a rig comprising 0.17mm Reflo Power to a 0.3g Mick Wilkinson Margin. A size 14 Drennan Margin Carp completed the setup. This was no time for taking prisoners!

After Kinder-potting a small pot of 4mm pellets and corn where I planned on presenting my rig, I lowered it in and had to wait all of 20 seconds for a sail-away bite, and a very angry carp! It tore off towards the snaggy reed bed and I had to apply a good amount of side pressure to keep it away from where it wanted to go! With my elastic bottomed out it was the fish versus the pole, and with 14 stone of Yorkshire gristle (and maybe a small amount of fat) fuelled by a hearty Barston breakfast on one end, I don’t think the fish had a chance!

Crucially, though, the pole didn’t give an inch – I can certainly vouch for it being a seriously strong piece of kit!

Several more came the way of that fish during my intense two-hour edge workout. I fished the pole at its full length of 8.3 metres for the duration and, as impressed as I was with its strength, I was perhaps even more impressed with the performance of the pole. It is very nice to fish with, even at this full length, which isn’t something that can always be said about power poles.

Whether you are in the market for one of the best margin poles that money can buy, or you are a current TKS owner and want some spare sections on the cheap, you would be daft not to check out this pole. It really is something special.

The TKS M2 handled everything that Tom could throw at it!

QUALITY BAIT Having excellent bait is a big advantage in any fishing. Tom got his bait for the feature from W H Lane & Son of Coventry. The shop’s own bait farm means maggots and casters are absolutely



Not just a great performing pole, it looks superb too!

Powerful Preston 15H elastic was Tom’s choice.

The Puller Kits are reinforced and super-strong!

The top kits take the perfect amount of hollow elastic to allow fish to be brought under control quickly.

The smallest fish Tom caught were some of the angriest!


Tech Spec

Stated length: 8.3m

Actual length: 8.73m

Top-kit length: 2.76m

Top-four length: 4.01m

Top-five length: 5.63m

Puller kits fitted: Yes

Cupping kit supplied: No

Holdall supplied: Yes

Butt-section length: 1.655m

Butt diameter: 4.6cm

RRP: £245



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