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Preston Innovations: Absolute Whips

Sexy Speed Sticks! Matt Godfrey gets his mitts on the new range of whips from Preston Innovations

I can count on one hand the number of quality whips that I’ve seen produced over the past three years. 

Poles have certainly stolen the limelight, but there definitely remains a time and place when a whip is impossible to beat! When I caught a glimpse of the latest Absolute whips earlier this year, I had to get out on the bank with them. What better way to prove the effectiveness of the old faithful whip than to fish against someone using a pole?

I might sound like a tackle tart here, but the first thing I noticed was how eye-catching they are! The handle features slick white, grey and black graphics, and possesses a rubber-like easy-grip finish. When I first picked one up, I felt like I was rubbing my hands around the steering wheel of a formula one racing car!

The dedicated range consists of five whips, all telescopic and featuring solid-carbon flicktips. The lower sections are designed to be ultra-stiff, meaning the tips cushion a hooked fish, while the main sections help achieve an ultra-fast action. The stiffer sections at the bottom end also give the whip plenty of power to swing fish to hand, and help you gain control if a bonus fish is hooked.
Weight is obviously a key factor when using a whip – you’re likely to be flicking a rig in and out of the water hundreds of times during a session. I can honestly say that the Absolute whips are the lightest I’ve ever felt. The extra-comfortable handles make manoeuvring the whip effortless, leaving you to concentrate solely on the fishing task in hand!

When small fish such as bleak are the target, there’s no faster way of catching them than using a whip. The Absolute set is perfect for anglers who regularly target large numbers of small fish. The shortest tool in the range is just two metres – the ideal wand for catching fish around near bank weeds or under the cover of your keepnet.

The lengths then increase at half metre intervals, with 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m and 4m versions available. This is ideal for the serious angler who is looking to set up a variety of whips to catch fish at different distances. When catching numbers of small fish, it’s rare that you can stay at one length for a full session and you often need to chase fish in and out to keep them coming.

After a full session using the various length whips, I found it impossible to fault them; lightweight, strong and with finishing touches that set them apart from other versions on the market. Each whip even comes in its own case with a neat internal bung in the top for transportation. I for one will be purchasing a set of these beauties!

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