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Garbolino UK4 Power Carp Pole

The New (And Improved) Power Legion - The team get their hands on Garbolino’s UK4 Power Carp Pole

When Garbolino announced its new ‘UK’ range of poles and started displaying them at trade events up and down the country, they really started to get anglers talking.

The UK series of pole has been introduced with a different model available to suit everybody’s needs, starting with a base model, the UK7 Procarp, available for below £500. At the other end of the spectrum the flagship pole in the series is the UK1 Accomplice Pro, a pole we tested in our June issue with our very own England international, Matt Godfrey, describing it as one of the best flagship poles he has ever tested!

The UK4 Power Carp falls directly in the middle of the Garbolino UK pole range and has been introduced to fill the boots of the G Max Power Legion; a pole with legendary status at Garbolino due to its success over more than a decade of being on the market; a pole that set the bar for power poles.

Out Of The Bag  - When the UK4 arrived in the office we were eager to get it out of the holdall. Like the Accomplice Pro, the UK4 features slick silver graphics with the only splash of colour being the number that distinguishes which model in the range it is. As always, when it comes to pole graphics, less is most definitely more.

The Garbolino UK4 is built with power and serious bagging in mind; rated to a 20s elastic it is well capable of handling heavy gear. Using a “homogenised super modulus carbon construction” (try saying that five times quickly) and long and shorter mandrels, the UK4 proves to be super strong while also performing with brilliant balance and rigidity, a feat that Garbolino has continued to get right in its power poles since the original Power Legion all those years ago!

Even at full length the UK4 maintains this balance and rigidity, with next to no tip shake making the pole comfortable to hold for long periods, even at the full 14.5 metres – this despite being extremely strong. Each of the sections have brilliant wall strength, which we have no doubt would handle some serious lumps with no hassle.

As part of the package is a short No4 section that further improves the rigidity of the pole and may just come in handy if fishing long on windy days or when fishing shallow to aid hitting bites.

The pole features a smooth ‘slip and slide’ finish that really aids the shipping of the pole with no sticking when passing its sections through your hands. Further to this, each of the sections is finished with a reinforced area of blue tinged carbon fibre at the female end, a really nice touch that has the dual benefit of protecting the most vulnerable area of the sections and adding to the elegant finish of the pole.

Value For Money? Available at a little over the £1,000 mark (£1,099.99) the UK4 has some tough competition in the ‘mid-price’ pole category. However, what Garbolino has produced will undoubtedly give poles in that category a run for their money.

Strong, stiff and well balanced with a neat finish to boot, the UK4 ticks the boxes in a lot of areas. Perfect during carp bagging sessions at your local commercial fishery, using strong elastics for big carp in the margins or even fishing heavy rigs on rivers or targeting deep canals, the UK4 can handle a range of situations comfortably.

It’s not as if Garbolino is skimping on the spares package either! The UK4 comes with no fewer than seven top kits including three of the new Power Lite Puller Kits, which are fitted with PTFE roller pullers as standard.  Further to this the package includes a short number four, cupping kit and reversible extension, among much more! Overall, a package that can compete with any other.

The pole comes ready fitted with PTFE roller pullers.

When Garbolino says “Power” it means it!

Tasteful graphics on the butt sections add a touch of class to the UK4 pole.


1 Garbolino UK4 Power Carp 14.5m pole package

3 Power Lite Puller kits (fitted with PTFE pullers)

3 Power Lite top-2 kits

1 half reversible multi extension

1 short No4 (Power)

1 new two-piece potting kit and pots

10 PTFE bushes (large bores)

1 deluxe holdall

Tech Spec

Garbolino UK4 Power Carp 14.5m Pole RRP: £1,350 SSP: £1,099.99

Stated length: 14.5m

Actual length: 14.5m

Top-kit length: 2.80m

Top-four length: 4.24m

Top-five length: 5.87m

Puller kits fitted: Yes

Cupping kits supplied: Yes

Holdall supplied: Yes

Butt-section length: 1.86m

Butt diameter: 44mm






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