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KC Carpa Porth, Carpa 2 and Malman Adam Floats

My Floats Of Choice - There are three floats Alex Bones wouldn’t be without – the KC Carpa Porth, Carpa 2 and Malman Adam – but why?

The Porth has been a favourite of mine for many years. It’s a superb pattern for all manner of situations, from fishing meat short for 100lb plus of carp to targeting finicky F1s and skimmers with maggots in the winter. It features a very versatile solid nylon tip and carbon stem.

A 4x14 is by far the most popular size for me, even for swims up to seven feet deep where conditions allow, but I also use them in 4x16 right through to 1.5g plus for all manner of open-water tasks, including deep-water silver fish and skimmer fishing when using bigger bulks or olivettes, or when double-bulking. If I had to choose just one float, this would be it.

If I had to choose just one float, this would be it. However, given that I don’t have to make that choice the KC Carpa 2 is next in line and fits the bill perfectly for shallower water against islands, or shallow fishing for F1s, silvers or carp with any baits from maggots right through to meat. I pretty much use these in 4x10 size only. They have a hollow tip, which I prefer to a domed-top dibber-style float.

Completing the line-up is the Malman Adam – I carry these with both 1.5mm and 2mm tips in 4x12 to 4x16 sizes. This is my float of choice for catching bigger weights either on a top-five line or in the margins, or in shallower water against islands or banks. They’re super-strong and the slimmer shape seems to work well for these tasks.

RRP: KC Carpa Porth: £1.99 each KC Carpa 2: £1.85 each Malman Adam: £2.25 each


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