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Maver 16m Elite Carp Series 4

Matt Godfrey gets down and dirty with the latest all-round mace from Maver!

Producing a pole that does everything is easier said than done. However, it’s a demand that match and pleasure anglers alike pin on renowned pole manufacturers such as Maver. Although the Elite Carp Series 4 may contain that four-letter ‘C’ word that rhymes with harp, I can assure you that there’s more to this pole than meets the eye!

When I unpacked it at Woodside Fishery, I couldn’t wait to get fishing. Only a few weeks earlier I was lucky enough to get my first experience of the pole, when I joined England international Callum Dicks on a feature. Although I was only fishing at 13 metres, I was astonished at the pole’s stiffness and couldn’t wait to give it a whizz.

Setting up on House Pool, I quickly assembled the pole at full length. Despite expecting an element of droop at the 16m maximum length, I was astounded! It remained ultra-stiff, was very light, and also noticeably thin.

Still, I was keen to assess the strength on the sections and without feeling overly thick and heavy, the joints where elbow damage is likely all remained solid. Maver’s experience in pole-making means that it’s involved with up-to-the-minute technology and strength is maintained throughout this pole thanks to Super Vibration Epoxy Resin and Nanolith Technology.

Fishing the pole at shorter lengths, it was nothing less than stunning! I chose to target my main swim just six metres out, where roach, bream, tench and an occasional carp gave the pole a real speedy workout! Those of you who know me will realise that I’m quite a ‘rushy’ angler, and from a speed fishing point of view the Elite Carp is one of the most comfortable poles that I’ve ever fished with for this kind of technique! The slim profile combined with strength and a smooth Sun Core easy-ship finish is a winning formula!

I particularly like the Powerlight kits that come with the pole. There’s no denying that old-fashioned power kits used to give any pole the droop factor. However, with commercials in mind, anglers are often looking for that extra strength that match kits lack. The Powerlight kits really hit this spot and, despite taking up to a No20 elastic, they have no hindrance on the pole’s performance. They are reinforced and banded with PTFE side puller slots in place and also come pre-bushed!

For even the most demanding anglers out there, the Elite Carp Series 4 is truly made to last, and sections that take the most wear and tear by far – No3 to No6 – all feature Maver’s exclusive Teflon joints, meaning they never stick and are built to last.

I had to get appreciation of how the pole performed at 13m and 14.5m lengths too. Fishing shallow with casters for all kinds of species, I was amazed by this pole. It’s ultra- stiff and has a great response but beneath that finesse feel remains the reassuring sense of strength. If you’re in the market for an all-round tool, make sure you give this pole a waggle!

Maver 16m Elite Carp Series 4
Package: 16m pole plus seven Powerlite Slotted Power Kits, Mini Extension, cupping kit and cups, Deluxe holdall and DVDs
Features: High-tensile 850-grade carbon, grey Suncore finish, 4MAT Technology, SVER Resin, Teflon joints, Magic Steps, Nanolith
RRP: £2,650
Spares: Powerlite Slotted Power Kit £79.99, Elite Fighting No5 £79.99, Elite Fighting No6 £84.99, Elite Fighting No7 £89.99
Web: www.mavermatch.co.uk

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