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On Test: Frenzee Precision FXT Edge

Command And Conquer! Joe Carass gets his hands on the Frenzee Precision FXT Edge margin pole during an unexpected session!

Now I would love to say that this was a well thought out and scheduled session that I had planned for testing the Frenzee Precision FXT Edge, but I would be lying.

In fact the gaffer, Alex Bones, was all set up and ready to give the pole a thorough testing. His aim? To catch a massive carp on the pole!

Venue choice was absolutely crucial and after much consideration we decided upon the Rushglen Lake at the awesome Bishops Bowl Fishery. This is far from a match venue and is actually a specimen-style lake designed for carp anglers. There are lots of fish to go at and there really was a great chance of hooking into something very special.

To make things even more interesting, the lake is full of weed beds, lilies and, due to the area’s landscape, a lot of unseen snags – in short, if I was to hook a ‘unit’ the pole was going to have to cope with a whole load of abuse. Enough about the venue and the scenario, and let’s have a look at the pole. As the name would suggest, this is a margin pole, but rather than the usual 5m or 6m offerings, the Frenzee Edge is a whopping 11.5 metres.

Frenzee promised me that this pole was as strong as an ox, and when I saw the length I have to admit to being a little sceptical about the performance – surely it would be sloppy at the full length?

It’s not! And I was pleasantly surprised by just how good the pole feels at its longest length.

Wall strength is good; give the sections the ‘squeeze test’ and they barely move and have that reassuring feel to them. I hate to use the term ‘no-nonsense’ but this really is a no-nonsense tool. It’s great to hold, is super-strong and, for the money, is supplied with a nice spares package.

Moving on to the fishing and when I got to Alex he was doing a fine job of looking like a scarecrow with a pole. The Rushglen fish were clearly proving elusive and Alex looked somewhat frustrated from the lack of action (although he had hooked and lost a few fish).

Worse still, the heavens opened and while Alex made a swift exit to his car, I couldn’t wait to jump on his seatbox and try the pole out (these southerners must be soft).

It was immediately obvious that there were fish coming into the swim. As soon as you fed some bait, in this case groundbait, hemp and corn, one or two fish would come into the feed before spooking away.

After a few missed bites and re-feeds I finally got my chance. A bite like a jolt of lightning before a firm strike… FISH ON!

I’m not too sure the fish knew it was hooked at first but that soon changed as it used its weight and sheer power to try to drag me towards the middle of the lake. I fumbled around before adding two more sections to try and follow the fish slightly.

There was a decision to be made – keep the pole low and hope for the best, or raise the pole and try and boss the fish? Me being me, I had to raise the pole and try and turn its head. The first run was stopped and I felt like victory might be close. My unorthodox playing style had certainly stopped any of those surging runs. But then disaster, with the pole arched over and me pulling as hard as I could, the rig got stuck solid.

To the naked eye there looked to be no snags, but as I kept pulling the odd lily pad would pop up – the fish had become festooned in a sunken lily bed. There was only one option, pull hard and wait.

I leant back, giving the pole everything and eventually the fish worked its way free. Minutes later and with the fish away from danger the beast graced the landing net.

What a test for this pole! I can honestly say I’ve never put as much pressure on a pole as I did with the Frenzee Precision FXT Edge when trying to get that fish out of the lilies. The pole never even looked like breaking and I was left flabbergasted that it didn’t give up halfway through the fight.

It may not be the most conventional way to test a pole, but it was the toughest test and the pole passed with flying colours.

No matter how hard he pulled, the pole took the pressure.

If you want to sample the adrenaline rush of catching these on the pole, take a good look at the Frenzee Precision FXT Edge.

Spares Package
3 x Power Top 2

1 x Half Extension

1 x Cupping Kit

1 x Carryall

RRP: £349.99


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