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Sizes from 0.2g to 0.5g 1mm

glass stem for extra strength

Double-wound spring eye

RRP: £1.85



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Featuring a 0.8mm carbon stem, oval body shape, and visible 1.5mm glow-tip bristle, these are a great all-round pattern. A stainless-steel black spring eye makes them extra durable. Available from 0.4g to 1.5g.

RRP: £1.85


Pole Fishing editor pursues new career with international tackle giant.

Drennan unveils new flagship pole!

These 31/2in hooklengths are of the highest quality, featuring a hair-rigged band and strong, neatly tied loop.

Expands pellet bands, allowing you to quickly and easily put pellets or other hook baits such as dumbbells into the band.

These robust polymer bait boxes can be frozen without fear of them splitting. They come with a standard vented lid, allowing livebaits such as maggots to breath. There are also 2.2pt and 3.3pt Aqua Pellet boxes in black, blue and green.

Feast your eyes on this latest luggage from Drennan, perfect for those of you looking to travel light!

Bait tubs in 2.2-pint and 3.3-pint sizes with distinct new Drennan colours and a solid lid for storing pellets and other particles. Tubs fit neatly into the new fetching grey baitwaiter.

Hand-tied pole rigs, constructed to the specification of five-time world champion Alan Scotthorne.

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