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Designed by England ace Alan Scotthorne, the AS4 is perfect for the margins, far-bank islands, shallow fishing and any big-bait work.

Fish In Style. A closer look at a stylish luggage range from top match brand, Drennan.

Designed by Alan Scotthorne, the AS1 features a thickened 0.6mm wire stem and a 1.6mm hollow tip, making it ideal for F1s, carp and quality silver fish.

All-round pattern designed by five-time World Champion Alan Scotthorne. Features a 1.75mm hollow tip, stable wire stem, a lightweight spring eye and special acrylic-coated balsa body for extra durability. Available from 0.1g to 0.6g.  

• Smart new clothing incorporating grey and aqua colour scheme

• Quality towel to keep hands and tackle clean while fishing

• Highly visible, hollow-polymer glow tips

• Highly visible, hollow-polymer glow tips

Pinned versions available from 0.2g to 4.0g
Inline version from 0.2g to 12g
Engraved with sizes for ease of identification
Olive green to blend in with the water

You don’t have to look very far into the pages of any current-affairs publication to see an article about how much our cost of living is rising. House prices, fuel, even food and drink costs have risen disproportionately to wages over the last few years.

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