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Amazingly lightweight pots in a very soft material, with easy-clip attachment that allows them to fit on nearly all pole kits. Three sizes available, with fast-release and sprinkle lids for each.

Matt Godfrey explains why he uses Preston Innovations’ Dura Hollo and Slip elastic for all of his fishing!

Easy-to-use gadget, enabling you to tie a Rapid Hair Stop onto your line very quickly.

Lightweight put-together landing-net handle. Easy to manoeuvre, with grip finish on the butt section and a super-strong screw thread.

Unique pots designed to give the option of feeding twice. The domed lid will accommodate a nugget of groundbait or soft pellets, while the bottom area holds loose particles for dripping in. Four sizes of pot with clever attachment facility to ensure it is precisely where you want it on your tip.

• Capacity to store two rigs on a single winder

• Helps leave hands free while pole fishing

• Zip-up, waterproof bait station complete with two large bait tubs

• Six patterns designed for heavy-duty, demanding situations

• Limited edition box with non-slip, cassette-style footplate

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