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The new Bait-Tech The Juice Dumbells are not limited to use on the feeder – we look at how these flavoured hook baits can be used to great effect on the pole.

Preston Innovations has been responsible for many of the best… well, innovations in fishing tackle since it started up in the late 1990s. Now it has made one of its best products even better. 

• Three compartments

• Quick, easy-wipe material

• Folds away for space efficiency

Pole Fishing takes a close look at the fully adjustable FXT Match seatbox that Frenzee has unleashed on to the angling market.

Editor Alex Bones takes Colmic’s flagship F66 to Larford Lakes for a workout. It’s a pole designed to deliver both flagship performance and unparalleled strength.

Here's a brief look at one of Rive’s latest additions to its ever-increasingly popular luggage range.

As roller and accessory bags go this latest offering from Rive is nothing short of what you’d expect from the French perfectionists. It’s well made, stylish and functional. The bag is one of several different products from the latest line-up, which was actually launched in 2016. 

If you’re looking for a smart and durable solution for transporting ungainly rollers and roosts then one of these could be just what you’re looking for. It’s large, at 1.1 metres in length, but then many anglers have become accustomed to carrying larger bags and more kit to the bankside in preparation for being able to cope with almost any eventuality.

More likely, though, you’ll be interested in the complete line-up of this luggage range from Rive, which is both smart and functional while also being purpose-designed to cope with the rigours of what we anglers throw at our gear – from being loaded in and out of a van or car to coping with the elements, while keeping your kit inside organised and safe.

The roller bag will allow you to transport two Rive R-Rollers (they’re big ’uns!) as well as roosts and other accessory arms, and the bag features foam lining to protect the contents. The external pocket provides two straps with clip buckles to carry legs or feeder arms. The reinforced bottom, side handles and shoulder strap are there for easy transportation.

Dimensions: 110 x 25 x 30cm

SSP: £81.99

Pole Fishing shines the spotlight on the latest pole roller from the UK’s ever-innovating angling brand, MAP

This is definitely the most adaptable pole roller that we have ever seen... you can almost do anything with it!

The legs are a key feature because these are fully detachable, meaning you can clip them in and out of the roller. Each roller comes with two sets of telescopic legs, allowing you to place the roller on virtually any ground. The shorter, stumpy legs are ideal when you have a bank behind, and you need the roller just above ground height for a low ship. The short legs extend from 20 to 28 centimetres. You also get a longer set of telescopic legs, extending to 45, 70 and 95 centimetres. Then there are the rollers themselves.

These are top-quality, extra-sturdy and roll incredibly smoothly on their bearings. Across the horizontal of the
roller, there are four
separate roller sections,
meaning you can have
several pole sections in
storage on the roller
without worry of dragging
them off when you ship
out! The upright rollers are in fact made from a different material from the horizontal rollers. The horizontals are the ones that can cause bounce, but by making these from super-soft memory foam, MAP has ensured super-smooth shipping to prevent you scattering that bait out of your pole pot when you ship out! You might also notice the upright roller, which can be located in any of the three holes in the main bar.

I am going to write about a piece of fishing tackle that has stood the test of time and I wouldn't go fishing without. Instantly several items spring to mind. A good waterproof suite, for example, is a must-have item. This winter has particularly tested mine to the extreme and I'm glad to say I still haven't got wet!

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