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Not the best of starts...

Well it's been a nightmare week so far leading up to going down to Cornwall for the White Acres Milo Festival. We've had a few issues at work to deal with and I've been up gone 12pm every night ensuring my magazine deadline gets met while I'm away.

Then of course there's a mountain of prep for the festival itself as the fishing is so diverse. I was looking forward to going down for the weekend to have a bit of practice and acclimatise myself, but no such luck. I had forgotten that I had already bought a Maver Match This ticket for the Saturday at Woodland View so i had to fish this first - plus I had picked up money on my last three visits so I was quietly confident of doing well. Unfortunately though my DPF filter light on my car came on the night before which normally just means I need to rev it up a bit on the motorway to clean it out. Travelling to Woodlands should sort that, I thought.

No such luck as halfway there a couple more warning lights came on and I'm suddenly driving in 'limp mode' - great fun driving 30mph uphill and 60mph downhill on the motorway, I don't think! I was due to drive to Cornwall in the evening so that plan was very quickly scuppered. Instead I had to arrange a hire car (well my wife did most the hard work) and I found myself stuck with a crappy vauxhall people carrier hired for a few hundred quid for the week. Great! So, no practice for me as by the time it was all sorted I wouldn't arrive at White Acres til midnight. Instead I drove down first thing Sunday morning, killing a very unlucky pheasant en route. On arrival I thought I'd have a wander round Porth and promptly got soaked in a hail storm!

So, all in all things have gone swimmingly so far! can they get any worse? Well I'm in a pretty tough section tomorrow so it'll just be my luck if I draw Tommy Pickering one side and Lee Edwards the other! I'm praying all my bad luck has been used up already...

Jon Arthur
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