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Get Set For Winter!

Tom Scholey likes to have a bit of time off at this time of year, but a practice trip to the Fossdyke makes him really look forward to the winter!

I have really enjoyed my choice of venue for the last two winters, fishing the Fossdyke Canal matches on Saturdays, and the Stainforth and Keadby Canal on Sundays, so I have seen no reason to change this year. The best thing about both of these venues is that bites are rarely hard to come by, and even in the depths of winter you can be sure of finding a few fish.

The other nice thing is how much the style of fishing that you have to do contrasts between the two venues. On the Stainy, you generally find yourself either bloodworm fishing for dumpy roach, or fishing casters on the long pole for better roach and skimmers. The Fossdyke on the other hand is normally bloodworm fishing for much smaller fish, or targeting perch on lobworm!

To make matters even more exciting for this year, we are using an entirely new section of canal in the Fossdyke league at Burton Lane End, which hasn’t been match fished in our league before.

Keen to know what we were letting ourselves in for, Matt Godfrey, myself and Rob Perkins went for an exploratory fish on this new length last week.
Unbeknown to us, there was also a junior match on this section on the same day, so we sat a few pegs below them.  We all had a bite a chuck for the duration of the session, and though the bulk of fish were very small, there was also the odd bonus perch and eel to keep us on out toes.

We heard that the junior match was weighing in at three O’clock, and when the time came me and Matt decided to have a stroll down and see what had been caught to give us something of an idea how the whole length was fishing.

The first thing that struck me was how many people were on the match, there must have been well in excess of 20 young anglers all of whom seemed just as enthusiastic as I was when I first started fishing!

The other thing that struck me (quite worryingly) was how 90% of them had caught more than me, Matt or Rob!

It turned out that the match was being run by Lincoln Juniors AC, and there coach told me that the 20 odd anglers present was actually a low turn out for the club!
The match was won by Matthew York with a brilliant 16lb net of big perch, roach and skimmers. There were also plenty of weights over 5lb, which bodes very well for our league which kicks off this Saturday 22nd October. Incidentally, there are still a few spaces on this series, and if you are interested in joining you should ring Alan Henry on 07712620385.

What was particularly touching after the weigh in was that a couple of the juniors came and asked to have their picture taken stood with us. The match winner even asked for one, and told me that he read and enjoyed a lot of my articles. All I can say is, he ought to write one for me on how to fish the Fossdyke, as the most that I have ever managed to get out of there in two years of fishing the venue is 9lb!

Tom Scholey

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