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Simply The Best

Tom Scholey explains why Alan Scotthorne is the ultimate professional angler!

I’ve always liked to believe that there is nobody in the world who loves fishing as much as me.  I am rapidly coming to the conclusion however that there is one person who definitely does, and that is the legend that is Alan Scotthorne.

I still regard getting the opportunity to spend time on the bank with probably the greatest angler that has ever lived to be one of the best perks of my job as an angling journalist. The really nice thing about going out with Alan though, is that I get the impression that he is loving being there just as much as I am!

I won’t forget the first feature that we went on together for as long as I live. It was on a cold February morning, and our destination was Woodlands Lakes at Thirsk. I presumed that we would both be driving up separately, but Alan insisted on taking me up in his car.  It seemed like we never stopped talking from the moment that we set off on the road, to when we pulled back on his drive twelve hours later. I wrote 26 pages of notes, and could quite easily have got four features from the things that he had showed me through the day!

He really is the ultimate professional, and takes a massive amount of pride in not only catching enough fish to make the feature a success, but also ensuring he puts across what he is doing and why he is doing it as plainly as possible, so both the journalist and the reader get understand the message that he is trying to convey.

Likewise, when taking photographs he understands exactly what is needed to make a good picture, and goes to every effort to help make the subject look as interesting as possible.

Every feature is prepared for as meticulously as he does a match, and you can rest assured that the topic covered will be genuinely new or interesting, and not just an old idea rebadged or rehashed.

I have come to realise that this meticulous attention to detail, and desire for everything to be perfect is something that Alan applies to everything in his life. While it has undoubtedly played a massive part in helping him achieve his phenomenal accolades in match fishing, it is also what makes him so popular with the media. There really is no one better to work with than Alan Scotthorne.

Tom Scholey

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