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Wonderful White Acres!

Jack Smart blogs about a fantastic week's holiday he's just spent down at White Acres in Cornwall.


We got to the site and booked into the van at around 12.30. I went for a quick walk round some of the lakes and decided to have a fish on Pollawyn. I set up on the first peg I came to on the lake to the point of the island at around 12m. I started on the Method, casting as tight as possible to the far bank  and from the off started catching small F1s… THEN the heavens opened! Thunder and lightning started and it poured down. Out came the brolly and I decided to try on the pole. For the rest of the session i caught F1s to 2lb and skimmers to 1lb. Every put in I had a fish, but the weather was getting too bad with the wind starting to ruin presentation.

So, I had a look on the margin lines and promptly lost three lumps. One even went under my platform and snapped me so I thought that's enough for one day. Soaked to the bone and with all my gear drenched I packed everything up and went back to the caravan to dry off.


At 5pm I headed straight over to Jennys Pool, yet again the first peg I came to, right next to the caravan and three pegs down from Tony (Brasem) Curd who was setting up to have a practice – a bonus free lesson really! Yet again I started on the Method catching bigger F1s than normal, then a lump which didn't fight until it got to the net.

I spent two hours on the feeder with an endless amount of fish coming to the net (unusual for me!). I had also been feeding my left hand side margin and there were carp swirling but I couldn't get past the roach.

Then Brasem came along and gave me some tips with my feeding to get past the small roach and onto the carp. It was solid! As soon as I started feeding a bigger pellet and putting a massive piece of meat on instead of corn and expanders I started catching. I didn't loose a fish… but Brasem did! What a night. I'd had some real lumps but I sadly had to stop when I couldn't see my float any more, as it was that dark!


A FULL days fishing on Jennys. Only pegs 1-24 were being used in the festival this week so I could fish any peg on the lodge bank. I decided to fish in the middle of the lake and fish the Method most the day as this lake was badly affected by wind. The weather was pretty much 30 minutes of sun, 10 of rain all day on and off  but it didnt put any of the other keen pleasure anglers off as, like myself, I caught all day on the Method to the point of an island. Jennys has 3 or 4 islands just to let you know and its a comfy chuck to most of them. I had all F1s and two skimmers plus one carp in 5 hours.

During that time I had a disaster. Somehow a duck managed to get the hook off one of my bands holding the rig firm on my top kit into its feathers and flew off with it around the back of the island! It sat there and thankfully managed to free itself. I then waited until the match was over and guess who went kayaking? I got over to the island and retrieved it. No damage was done, I even got my float back, but the elastic was stretched out and snapped. I was not too bothered as long as at least I had got the kit back.

Afterwards I met Lee Kerry who had won the match and was walking round the lake. I had a chat about the lake and he said at least I didn't get wet getting it back. What a nice lad and that was me done for the night…


I fished, but only for two hours on the night on Jennys. Again I had company from Brasem, as he was having ago on the pellet feeder. I caught some real lumps on the pole on paste. A very enjoyable night.


Today I planned on going on one of the pleasure lakes called Eery, on peg 11. Yet again it's a Method peg. I only went on this peg for 3-4 hours as the rain and wind was terrible, but still I caught most the day. I  only managed mirror carp averaging 3lb and caught some nice roach on a top two kit. Sadly, I snapped a top kit as result of the wind. I was hoping for better weather tomorrow!


My last full days fishing at White Acres. I decided to go back on Jennys to try the pellet feeder up the top end of the lake. I've never used a pellet feeder before and didn't really have any confidence in it UNTIL the tip went round…  and it kept going round all day!

I also spent a couple of hours on the pole, catching crucians. It was like a jacuzzi in my swim but the bites were so finicky. I still managed 15 crucians and some F1s on the pole.

When the rain started I went back to the feeder and had a surprise goldfish! It was good to catch, and put up a good fight. I now have lot of confidence in the pellet feeder – well, more than I did – and will be using it a lot more.

Anyway, I packed up early at 5pm and went back to the van to pack. I loved my week at White Acres and will defo be going back next year. I  saw top anglers and experienced some top fishing so I was sad to go but I had a great week.

Jack Smart is 15 years old and from County Durham. He is sponsored by Miracle Baits and a regular Pole Fishing reader.

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