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• Grey/lime colours

• Range of sizes (1.1pt, 2.2pt, 3.3pt, 1 litre compact)

• Durable

RRP: From £1.99


Enter The Matrix! Matrix’s new range of clothing is certain to have anglers impressed!

Welded PVC construction

Removable 1.6m drop cord

Collapsible design for easy storage

RRP: £6.99


This Saturday, May 31st, the Chapmans Angling Store in Hull sees the Fox and Matrix Open Day, hosted by top carp catchers Mark Pitchers and Tom Maker from Fox. They’ll be on hand all day to answer all your carpy questions, show you the latest rigs and tactics – including zig rigs and getting the most out of PVA – guaranteed to help you put more fish on the bank, plus the very latest gear from Fox.

Spade-end hooks featuring a wide gape and round bend but with a unique flat area through the lower shank and bend, which gives the hook the utmost strength.

100 per cent waterproof stink bag to eliminate nets and smells leaking out in transport and storage.

Highly popular with top-flight anglers such as Les Thompson and Grant Albutt, this abrasion-resistant and hard-wearing elastic will cover all your commercial and big-fish work.

One attachment… three leg sizes? It can only be the latest 3D seatbox accessories from Matrix!

Double-sectioned bag that can be used as a large single bag or as two smaller bags.

Quality padded storage and transport bag for catapults.

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