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Wednesday, 05 July 2017 10:46

Pole Fishing September 2017

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Species Hunt: Ide Spy

Ide Spy

With crucian carp already crossed off his list, our assistant editor Jake Fowles is back on the bank on the hunt for each of our country’s resident coarse fish. Next up, ide.

Strictly speaking, the ide should not appear on my list of species native to the UK at all. However, considering its popularity, and the impact that this species has had since being introduced to hundreds of the UK’s commercial fisheries from its native Scandinavia, it was simply impossible to disregard it from my hunt.


Go Big Or Go Home

go big or go home

Browning’s Jim Hall discusses why doing things that bit differently can often see you reap the rewards.

You would be excused for thinking that the use of nothing but 8mm and 11mm pellets while fishing the pole would be somewhat of a ‘noddy’ method, and definitely not something that is going to get you enough bites throughout a match to stand you any chance of winning the said match.


King Of Swing

king of swing

Garbolino’s Steve Cooke demonstrates a tactic that in his opinion is underused and underappreciated. Moreover, it is a tactic that is certain to put more fish in the net…

Reaching your peg and discovering there is a likely looking feature just out of ‘normal’ pole range can cause quite the dilemma. Keep adding extensions until I reach it? You’d be mistaken to think you’ll find me wielding 17 or 18, let alone 20 metres of pole next time you bump into me down at your local commercial fishery! 


WIN WIN WIN WIN £1,000Worth Of Dynamite Bait!


Just Krillin’ - Dynamite has very kindly served up £1,000-worth of its amazing Red Krill baits for you to win. 

For a long time Dynamite Baits’ superb groundbaits, pellets and other baits have been regarded as some of the finest available. Swim Stim was really the company’s hero product way back when, and there’s no doubt it has been responsible for so many incredible catches. 

What’s Your Favourite Venue?

Whats your fav venue

We put the question to Matrix media manager Craig Butterfield and were actually surprised by his choice.

We’ve all got one – the venue that brings back the fondest memories, the venue you enjoy fishing more than any other, the venue that may not seem more than a bit of water to most, but for you it gives that little tingle of excitement every time you set eyes on it. 


New Gear 

A few tasty items of tackle and bait to feast your eyes on!

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