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Pole Fishing July 2017

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Conquer Your Fear of The Deep

PF Conguer Your Fear July 17

Mancy anglers are often reluctant to reach for the pole when faced with a deep-water commercial swim, MAP's Jamie Hughes explains why the pop should be your go-to attack to get the most from these venues...

"Deep venues can be daunting places for most anglers to fish; when faced with depths in excess of 15 feet most commercial anglers would simply reach for the feeder rod. I have to confess that in years gone by I would have been guilty of this myself, but over the past couple of seasons, I have learnt just how many benefits there are to fishing a pole in these situations."




Going Dutch

PF Going Dutch July 17
Craig Butterfield ventures overseas to meet three of his Matrix-backed foreign counterparts, and is in for the shock of his angling career once he gets a chance to dangle a dig

"It's long been known the Holland has some fantastic fishing on offer and in recent years it seems to have grown in popularity with UK anglers who are looking for an alternative to fishing commercials in the closed season."





Keep Busy, Catch Big 

PF Keep Busy July 17
Jimmy Brooks' whirlwind presence on the match circuit is hard to miss and at Decoy Lakes in Cambridgeshire, he demonstrates one of his favourite methods for putting together a busy weight


"I think 'busy' certainly describes the narrative, as match weights at this time of year are normally between 200 and 300lb here, and if you set yourself those sort of targets then you will, by default, be nothing but busy!"



Get More Bite

PF WIN July 17
Here we have TWO 14m Tri-Cast Venom Pro pole packages to give away, worth £1,099.99 each! Get entering to stand a chance of winning!

 "Built in the British Tri-Cast Factory this is a pole designed with strength in mind. The previous Venom from Tri-Cast was renowned for being one of the strongest poles ever made.:



Three-Line Attack

PF Attack July 16

Darren Cox explains why targeting the overhangs is the best option to catch quality fish from clear, deep-water lakes


"There is nothing like the buzz you get when you arrive on the bank in anticipation of the day ahead, especially when it's your local pool and you know exactly what baits and tactics you are going to fish."  


New Gear 

The latest kit hitting the shelves to spend your hard-earned cash on...

Review - Maver Signature Pro Pole Range

Three new poles from Maver have quality  written all over them


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