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The Smell You Can't Get Rid Of

New additive accounts for massive countrywide catches.
A new bait additive that many anglers have described as the smelliest substance that they have ever come across has been accounting for some massive catches up and down the  country.

The additive, that the creators have simply named ‘Stinky Stuff’ is the result of over two years of scientific development. 

Creator, David Bailey explained: "The name Stinky Stuff came from people asking: "What's that stinky stuff?" when we were trialling it. Although the smell is not unpleasant, it is distinct. 

"Stinky Stuff has been two years in the making, with many hours spent in a laboratory and hundreds of trials on the bank across different fisheries in the UK. The result has been the development of a bait additive that stimulates fish to feed.

"The research and development to make the product aquatically safe has also ensured the Stinky Stuff formulation is PVA friendly and therefore Stinky Stuff can be sprayed on to any hook bait, feeder bait or terminal tackle.

"Uniquely, the same formula is just as effective whether targetting match-sized fish, specimen fish or sea fish. We have used anglers from all genres of fishing from coarse to specimen, game and sea angling. We have used pleasure anglers and top match anglers, even England Internationals.

"The specimen hunters have been really positive in their feedback and the sea anglers have been very excited on the difference this product has made to their fishing, particually putting down big scent trails on venues such as the Bristol Channel.

"Our intention is not to ram the scientific approach down anyone's throat, however, we are proud of what we have achieved. 

"We have every confidence that Stinky Stuff is a real innovation in the angling world that does stimulate fish to feed.

"Many people have asked during our trials how we know it will still be on the bait after it has been in the water, and the test we used was somewhat amusing. 

"We asked people to hold their hands out, whilst applying a couple of drops onto them. We then asked them to rub their hands together. People were phoning us up three days later, saying: 'I've scrubbed my hands, I must have washed them a hundred times and I can still smell it. How do I get it off?'"

For more information on the science behind the product, or to read testimonials of anglers who have used it to good effect, check out the website: 

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