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Kinder In The Final

Maver and Marukyu-backed rod grabs place in £50K Final
Andy Kinder has secured a place in the prestigious Maver Match This Final, after winning the qualifier at The Glebe Fishery in Leicestershire. 

Fishery owner, Roy Marlow explained: "After three hours fishing, there were dozens of anglers in the running, with most predicting that 150lb could take the title.

"The final hour was going to be critical and it was a very close call for the top three.

"When it came to the weigh in, the fishing had been even better than many people expected, with 20 anglers all weighing in over 100lb – and several more having over 90lb.

"It was a nail biter at the end but the smallest angler on the bank of Glebe Pool 1 held his nerve and 215lb of feeder-caught carp were in Maver/Marukyu angler Andy Kinder's nets. Andy fished a cage feeder with maggot on the hook for the duration of the day.

"Down on Glebe Pool 5, Sam Brown was only three fish behind, after catching up in the water on the long pole for a total weight of 195lb.

"That left Marukyu angler Kev Russell to weigh on Glebe Pool 7 with a 37 carp catch, everyone knew it could be a close call.

"Kev weighed 187lb of quality fish caught up in the water on long pole for 3rd place."

On hearing that he had made the final, Andy was understandably delighted: "I have been a part of the Match This event since day one, so to win an opportunity to fish in the final again is brilliant!

"I was lucky enough to qualiify back in 2011, and ever since I have been dying to get another shot at it. I finished second and third in a couple of qualifiers last year, so to get back this year is great. I will be putting in a lot of practice, and trying my hardest to go all the way and win this year."


1 Andy Kinder (Maver/ Marukyu) 215lbs (Glebe 1)
2 Sam Brown 195lb (Glebe 5)
4 Kev Russell 187lb 10oz (Glebe 7)   
5 Paul Robinson 172lb (Glebe 1)
6 Chris Needham 146lb 8oz (Glebe 7)

Pool 1
Section 1 Mel Hodson 141lb 8oz
Section 2 Lee Wright 138lb 4oz
Section 3 Jon Arthur 135lb

Pool 2   
Barry Mason 84lbs

Pool 3   
Jason Le Bosquet 100lb 8oz

Pool 4
Warren Martin 117lb 10oz

Pool 5   
Martin Freeman 103lb 12oz

Pool 6
Jarrad Smith 121lb 8oz

Pool 7
Neil Stones 103lb 4oz

Foundation Lake
Section 1 Ian Giddings 89lb 6oz
Section 2 Simon Allen 122lb 10oz

Big Lake
Section 1 Simon Wilsmore 51lb 9oz
Section 2 Dave Swain 75lb 4oz

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