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Tommy On Top

Preston ace secures place in Match This Final.
Preston Innovations England feeder team captain Tommy Pickering has won a place in the £50,000 Maver Match This Final, after winning the qualifier at The Oaks Lakes in North Yorkshire.

Tommy drew Peg 25 on Beech Pool, and left his feeder rod in his bag – opting to fish pole and pellet shallow at just seven metres. Offering a banded 4mm pellet over 4mm feed pellets, Tommy ended the match with a winning 125-06-00 to finish a clear 20lb ahead of the rest of the field.

Second place on the day was Robbie Minikin (Sonubaits) who drew Peg 6 on Cedar Lake. Fishing pellets tight to the bank and then meat over groundbait down the edge late on, Robert presented 105-04-00 at the end of the five hours to book his place in this year's British Pole Championships.

Maver's Jamie Hughes continues his run of superb finishing in the top five on a Mega Match This qualifier for a third time! Jamie fished pellet down the inside to weigh in 100-02-00 from Peg 68 on Cedar.

Fourth place was secured by Middy and Bag 'em rod Lee Thornton. Lee drew Peg 22 on Cedar and fished pole and pellet shallow at 11 metres to end the day with 89-15-00.

Five-time world champion, and Drennan and Sensas-sponsored Alan Scotthorne finished in fifth place from Peg 49 on Cedar. Alan fished caster shallow to return 89-04-00 and books his place in the British Pole Championships at Larford Lakes.

Qualifier for Grand Final: Tommy Pickering (Preston Innovations)

Qualifiers for British Pole Championships: Tommy Pickering (Preston Innovations), Robert Minikin (Sonubaits), Alan Scotthorne (Drennan), John Allerton (Tri-Cast) and Chris Kendall (Middy)

1 Tommy Pickering (Preston Innovations) 125-06-00 (Peg 25, Beech)
2 Robert Minikin (Sonubaits) 105-04-00 (Peg 6, Cedar)
3 Jamie Hughes (Maver / Bag 'Em Matchbaits) 100-02-00 (Peg 68, Cedar)
4 Lee Thornton ( Middy / Bag 'Em Matchbaits) 89-15-00 (Peg 22, Cedar)
5 Alan Scotthorne (Drennan) 89-04-00 (Peg 49, Cedar)
6 John Allerton (Tri-Cast) 88-14-00 (Peg 56, Cedar)
7 Chris Kendall (Middy) 88-10-00 (Peg 65, Cedar)
8 Phil Sellars (Garbolino Elton) 87-09-00 (Peg 42, Cedar)

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