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Double-Record-Breaker Jordan!

Eighteen-year-old Jordan Hall has broken the fishery record twice in the space of a week at King’s Pools in Wolverhampton. 

The young Maver Midlands and Bag ‘em Matchbaits ace has been on a brilliant run of form at the venue, topped off by these two magnificent weights. The first record went on Peg 16 on the Big Match Pool as Jordan explains: “The sun was shinning and I could see large carp shallow. I started off on meat super shallow at six inches to try and mug some big carp and took seven in the first 40 minutes for 50-60lb in weight, filling my first two nets as you can only put 42lb in a net!

“As the carp backed off I started to ping meat to the island at 15 metres and fishing meat about eight inches deep I took small F1s every put-in with the odd bigger carp in-between. With two hours to go I had about 110lb but bites became few and far between so I put two large pots of dead maggots doused in Bag ‘em Red Krill liquid down to my left. After 20 minutes I laid my rig in and it kept going under 'til the end with eight dead reds on the hook.

“I ended up with five keepnets in the water and a total weight of 188lb 12oz for a new venue record. The backup weights were 103lb and 87lb.

“I then fished the Saturday after on Peg 23 on the same lake. I actually moaned when I drew it! However, it was very warm and the fish were up in the water again so I used the same tactics as before. Meat fished super shallow caught some of the large ghost carp to over 12lb until the last hour when the sun went behind the trees. With an hour to go I started to feed a 5m line with meat on the bottom to take some F1s and small carp. With 20 minutes to go I could see swirls around my float so I put my shallow rig on and took a steady run of better fish to the end. My catch was a new record with 190lb 10oz while the backup weights were 75lb and 59lb.”


Bait Fed: Two tins of 7mm meat, five pints of dead red maggots in Bag ‘em Matchbaits Red Krill Liquid

Average Fish Size: 5-8lb

Biggest Fish: 12lb Ghostie

Tackle: Maver 12-20 Dual Core Retro elastic, 0.18mm Dual Core Extreme line to a 0.16mm hooklength for shallow and 6-10 Dual Core, 0.16mm line and a 0.12mm hooklength for the F1s

First Match

1st Jordan Hall 188-12 (peg 16)

2nd Nige Clark 103-10 (peg 5)

3rd Phil Aston 87-9 (peg 55)

4th Shaun Dale 85-10 (peg 37)

5th Craig Goldstraw 79-2 (peg 41)

Second Match

1st Jordan Hall 190-10 (peg 23)

2nd Tony Woolerston 79-9 (peg 51)

3rd Nigel Clark 69-4 (peg 38)

4th John Benjamin 66-0 (peg 16)

5th Sam Rushton 51-9 (peg 8)

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