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Angler Jailed For Cheating

Judge gives 72-year-old a seven-day sentence.
A 72-year-old fisherman from Fish Hook in Minnesota, USA, has been sentenced to a week in prison, after being convicted of defrauding the organisers of a £6,000 angling contest.

Tom Mead won the bounty, after sneaking two fish from a different lake into his boat, then weighing them in and attempting to claim the prize. Fortunately, Meads actions were observed – and he was swiftly brought to justice.

"What can I say? I got caught," he reportedly told a police officer. "God told me not to do it but I did it anyway."

Competitors in the contest, known as the Park Rapids American Legion Community Fishing Derby, jeered as Mead was lead away, shouting: "Cheater! Cheater!"  

Sentencing, Judge Robert Tiffany blasted: "Your conduct had a major impact, on the tournament, I hope you realise the seriousness of your conduct."

Judge Tiffany then added an extra helping of guilt, saying that Mead's cheating: "Takes the enjoyment and joy out of it for those who bring their kids."

Mead has now lost his hunting and fishing license for two years, and is banned from any fishing contests for four years.

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