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Go Natural

Bait-Tech launches new sweet groundbait.
After more than 12 months of testing and development, Bait-Tech is launching its new Pro Natural Groundbait. Designed for rivers and natural stillwaters, this new, highly acclaimed mix sits on the sweeter side of the groundbait spectrum, to target silver fish like barbel, bream, chub, roach, dace and tench. Pro Natural is rich in coconut, molasses and hemp and has been perfected to help hold feeding fish in your swim for longer periods. 

Bait-Tech’s Andy Neal says: “This is a very exciting time for us as we launch a bait we have worked on for a long time. The ingredient profile of this is staggering and will cover so many disciplines, from rivers to slow-moving drains and natural stillwaters. In Pro Natural we have a bait that binds well if needed and carries loose feed, yet still breaks down fast. Our access to and knowledge of ingredients enables us to produce a mix that, in the past, would have taken three or four different bags to achieve. Here we have all those top fish-catching ingredients in one complete package – it really is a brilliant product!”

The mix, instigated by none other than Bait-Tech legend Dave Harrell, has been thoroughly tested and tweaked over a long period by the bait giant’s highly acclaimed team of anglers – and all have reported great catches and long catching periods when using it. 

Dave has played an essential part in the mix’s development and added: “I have tried and tested many different groundbaits over a very long period of time, on very diverse natural waters. I can honestly say that this one is the best. There are no gimmicks or fancy names with Pro Natural. It's just a groundbait that I have a huge amount of confidence in, as it works!"

Bait-Tech Pro Natural comes in 1.5kg bags, with an RRP of £3.99 and is available now.

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