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Speed Machine

Man banks 2,011 fish in 24 hours.
A man who set out to break the world record for the most fish caught in a 24-hour period banked a massive 2,011 – but still ended up some 600 fish short of the record.

Jonny Wilkins, from illinois in America caught 2,011 fish, made up of bluegill, shiners and carp – an incredible accomplishment – but still several hundred fish short of the current record of 2,649 fish.
Wilkins said he saw the chance of breaking the record slipping through his fingers in the small hours of the morning.

He needed to catch an average of 1.8 fish per minute to keep pace with the current world record, but was left heartbroken when three quarters of the way through the challenge he realised that he had dropped too far behind to stand a chance of breaking the record. He said that his attempt were scuppered when some large carp moved in, and spooked the smaller, more aggressive fish that he was catching out of his peg.
Wilkins used the event to help raise money for the Ronald McDonald House and Wounded Warrior Project, and says he plans to produce a similar event next year.

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