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Morning Glory?

New research busts early morning myth.
Angling social-network app FishBrain, which collates catch information and statistics from anglers, has discovered that early morning angling may not be as productive as many people think.

After analysing more than 40,000 catches, FishBrain has found that it is actually most effective to fish in the evening.

The FishBrain app for iPhone and Android was released in March and has more than 80,000 members worldwide. The app gathers data such as bait used, position, species, time, weather, air pressure and much more.

When it comes to what time a day it is best to fish, there are variations depending on location, season and weather. But the new rule of thumb says that it is better to fish in the evening than in the morning. In the evening the FishBrain system registers most catches per hour of fishing.

FishBrain boss Marcus Frannson commented: “I am really pleased that we have now killed this long-lived myth. There are a lot of myths and folklore when it comes to fishing, and the fact that we now have such a wide range of information from so many different sources means that we can now look to prove fact from fiction.” 

For more information on the FishBrain app, visit www.fishbrain.com

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