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Brown In The Final

Delcac rod takes top spot at Monks Lakes.
Zac Brown has won the latest Maver Match This qualifier at Monk Lakes in Kent. Another blistering hot day greeted the sixty eight anglers, with temperatures near 30°C, many expected weights to be adversely affected. However, despite the sun not relenting until late on in the day, the top eight anglers still managed to put over one hundred pounds on the scales each.

Making his was through to this year's big money final was Zac Brown (Preston Innovations Delcac). Zac drew peg 67 on Lake 2 and concentrated on the margins with meat to end the day with 173-12-00.

Finishing in second place was Martin Armfield (Bowlers). Martin drew peg 151 on Lake 4 and started his match fishing pellet and meat shallow over to the island before coming down the inside late on to boost his overall weight, offering 158-09-00 to the scales. Having missed out on the Grand Final on Saturday 31st August, Martin qualifies for the Maver British Pole Championships instead on Saturday 25th August.

Mike McMillan finished in third place from peg 144, again on Lake 4. Fishing shallow, Mike alternated between meat and pellet to end the match with 150-08-00, qualifying for the British Pole Championship final.

Local rod Peter Upperton (Middy Tackle) finished in fourth place from peg 140 on Lake 4. Peter opted to fish an all out meat approach starting his match shallow, before switching to the margins late on to weigh in 145-10-00.

Taking the last of the automatic British Pole Championship places was James Taylor. James drew peg 45 on Lake 2 and finished the day with 132-10-00 of mostly barbel fishing meat and pellet.

Monk Lakes rod Jim McDowell narrowly missed out of a British Pole Championship place finishing an agonizing 1lb 2oz shy of James' weight with 131-12-00.

Qualifier for Grand Final: Zac Brown (Preston Delcac)

Qualifiers for Maver Pole Championships: Zac Brown (Preston Delcac), Martin Armfield (Bowlers), Mike McMillan (Preston Delcac), Peter Upperton (Monk Lakes / Middy) & James Taylor

Full Result

1 Zac Brown (Preston Delcac) 173-12-00    67 (Lake 2)
2 Martin Armfield (Bowlers) 158-09-00 151 (Lake 4)
3 Mike McMillan (Preston Delcac) 150-08-00 144 (Lake 4)
4 Peter Upperton (Monk Lakes/ Middy) 145-10-00    140 (Lake 4)
5 James Taylor 132-10-00 45 (Lake 2)

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