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Great Ouse Gets A Trim

EA plan weed cutting on top East Anglia venue.
The Environment Agency will cut back weeds to prepare the River Great Ouse, for this years Divison Two National and Preston Innovations World Club Classic, it has been announced today. It is also hoped that the exercise will provide results to help the agency better understand the river’s fish stocks.

The Division Two National will this year take place on August 3rd on the River Ouse, an Environment Agency owned fishery near Littleport (between Ely and Denver).

The fishery was chosen because it has large bream and roach shoals, and the Environment Agency has agreed to cut back weed growth to ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible.

A bank and channel clearance regime has been organised and much of the work has already begun.

Kye Jerrom, Fisheries Technical Specialist at the Environment Agency said: “We are keen to support this event which attracts hundreds of anglers from all corners of the country to a different venue every year.

“One of the biggest accolades for a match angler is to possess a National winner’s medal, either as a team or individual.

“There are also scientific benefits. We use match results to compliment our own fisheries survey data, both from netting and hydro-acoustics, which allows us to better understand the river’s fish stocks. 

“It is a great thing to keep these huge competitions on natural fisheries – there’s nothing more satisfying than catching a huge weight of roach or bream on a venue as large and wild as the Ely Ouse.

“Each year we survey the river and this project will allow us to use the results to back up what we already know. 

“We are well aware of huge shoals of fish throughout the system but generally only a handful of pegs are ever fished; this is a great way to help anglers enjoy a day’s fishing and put something back at the same time.

“Every angler buys a rod license and we work hard turning 100 per cent of proceeds into fisheries-funded projects like this.

“All anglers will be able to enjoy this project which reflects the great relationship between the Angling Trust and the Environment Agency."

Working with five clubs – Ely Beet Sports and Social club, Littleport Angling Association, London Angling Association and Kings Lynn Angling Club, and Pymoor Angling Club, 350 pegs were highlighted for the 35 teams of 10 competition.

Kelvin Allen of the Angling Trust said: “Local clubs welcome the support from the Environment Agency in what is an immense challenge to clear both banks and lilies for this year’s busy event calendar.

“Ensuring large angling competitions continue on natural rivers means our waterways can continue to be enjoyed by all and not drop into decline.”

Further information can be found at www.aterforum.co.uk with updated section maintenance programmes, survey results and catch results for each match. 

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