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Beat The Heat

England ace, Des Shipp explains the importance of staying cool.
“To get the most from any session, you have to be able to concentrate 100 per cent on your fishing, and in order to do this you need to be cool, calm and collected.” Drennan Team England guru, Des Shipp explained.

“A lot of anglers neglect the impact that the hot conditions, such as those that we are experiencing at the minute, can have on the human body – and as a result they are losing their focus, and this is costing them fish. 

"I have been lucky enough to fish abroad in some very hot climates, and have seen first hand how other countries' anglers deal with the heat. I have also seen how poorly-prepared anglers suffer, though, which means I now pay particular attention to make sure that I do everything I can to deal with the heat.

"The first thing that I must stress is the importance of wearing sun cream.  I always start the day with a shower, and then apply plenty of strong sun cream to the areas of skin that I expect to be exposed.

"Always wear loose-fitting trousers rather than shorts – they protect your legs, and are more comfortable to fish in. A good cap and a pair of sunglasses are two other things that I would describe as essential, and never leave home without. 

"A minimum of three litres of water should be taken to the bank to keep you hydrated through the day. Avoid sugary or fizzy drinks, they can bloat you when you drink large amounts of them, and can cause a sugar rush, which again effects concentration.

"The other thing I have with me in hot weather is an umbrella, and if the bank allows it, this can be set up to create a sun block. 

"Follow this advice and you should stay cooler in the warm weather, which in turn will help you think clearer, and put more fish in your net!”

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