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Bennett To The Final

Daiwa & Guru backed ace in Maver final.
Andy Bennett has won a place in the Maver Match This Final, after winning the Garbolino Lindholme Lakes qualifier, with a weight of 138lb 13oz. The result came on the back of a successful week for Andy - who also won last weeks festival at Lindholme!

Having only just missed out on a place in the final from last weekend’s qualifier at Partridge Lakes by a little over 4lbs, Andy was determined not to be beaten again. Fishing meat over ground bait towards the far bank Andy finished the day with 138-13-00 from peg 26 on Oasis

One hundred anglers attended this year's Mega 'Match This' qualifier at Lindholme Lakes - the best attendance to date across all Mega 'Match This' qualifiers at the popular Doncaster venue.

Anglers were given plenty of room spread across Oasis, Laurels and Willows lakes with weights in excess of 90lbs needed to finish within the top eight and qualify for the Maver British Pole Championships.

Maver Midlands youngster Craig Goldstraw finished in second place from peg 2 on Willows lake. Opting to concentrate his efforts fishing short, Craig fished pole and pellet for a final weight of 109-10-00.Lee Thornton (Middy / Bag 'Em Baits) finished third from peg 6 on Willows. Fishing pole and pellet, Lee ended the day with 101-12-00.

Fourth place on the day was taken by Paul McIntyre (Bait-Tech). Paul drew peg 22 on Willows and offered 96-06-00 to the scales fishing into the main basin.

Maver's Marc Jones took the last of the British Pole Championship places finishing the day with 94-04-00 from peg 6 on Oasis. Marc fished over to the far bank with pole and pellet to deny Gareth Malham (Malman Floats) by just a single ounce!

Qualifier for Grand Final: Andy Bennett (Daiwa / Guru)


Andy Bennett (Daiwa / Guru) 138-13-00 (Oasis 26)
Craig Goldstraw (Maver Midlands) 109-10-00 (Willows 2)
Lee Thornton (Middy / Bag 'Em Baits) 101-12-00 (Willows 6)
Paul McIntyre (Bait Tech) 96-06-00 (Willows 22)
Marc Jones (Maver) 94-04-00 (Oasis 6)
Gareth Malham (Malman Floats) 94-03-00 (Laurels 52)
Stewart Bracey (Dynamite Baits)    91-15-00 (Laurels 35)
Les Marshall (Garbolino Lindholme) 90-02-00 (Willows 43)

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