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Middy Floats Feed Refugees

Charity workers angling knowledge helps to feed the starving.
Middy's Matt Middleton received an uplifting e-mail from UN charity worker, Andrew Read.

Andy grew up in Borrowash, Derbyshire (where the Middy factory was located between 1975 and 1996), fishing the Derwent and the Trent. He is now helping in a refugee camp full of nomadic goat herders, who have fled the fighting with al-Shabbab. The camp is close to the Juba, which is the only river for hundreds of miles, and it is full of fish.

Andy told us: "I have brought a pack of your floats with me and have pulled out fish after fish, surrounded by soldiers, with a crowd looking on over their shoulders. They have never seen fish before, and we are teaching them to catch and cook them... yes, this is a brilliant job!"

Middy's Matt Middleton added: "It's a great feeling to know that our products are not only helping matchmen to win, but also to feed those in poverty.

"Best wishes to Andy, here's hoping he continues being able to provide this support."

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