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The Octbox Evolution!

D36 Octbox Uncovered!
The company behind the Octbox, Nordik Tackle, have unveiled a new and improved version of their already top selling model,  that is set to go on sale in March next year.

The Octbox D36 is the company’s most advanced seatbox to date, boasting a host of improvements on the company’s current top seller, the Octbox Mark 13-1.

The man behind the box, and Nordik Tackle owner, Rick Tyler explained: “My only ambition when it came to creating the Octbox D36 was to build the best seatbox that I could – sparing no expense on materials or molds.

The first thing to increase was the diameter of the legs –which of course led to improved stability, and also allowed me to house internal 25mm legs inside the 36mm outer frames.

One of the biggest advantages that this gave me was an ability to raise the side tray up, where as with the D25 model it can only go as high as the leg, it can now be raised up as high as the leg, plus the D25 extension – so comfortably as high as even the tallest angler might want to set it.

I have also increased the length of both the footplate, and the extending front frame, meaning increased stability, and improved support when fishing with a pole support or bump bar, as the fulcrum is even further away from the angler.

Another innovation that I am particularly proud of is our newly patented mud feet. These feature a corregated metal foot which protrudes around an inch past the plastic collar that acts as the mudfoot. In use, this means that the foot is brilliant on sloping grass banks, as the metal spike digs in, giving extra traction, while the mud foot grips the surface of the slope. Likewise, on flat platforms, the metal foot provides a stable base that doesn’t move.

I have also intergrated Teflon into the female joints of any sliding parts, both on the box frame and accessories and on the footplate. This leads to a much smoother action, and makes adding and removing accessories even easier.

Tackle tarts will also love the 3D Logo that our new box features, and the improved pattern on the seabox cushion. The complete system, including side tray, pole support and trolley will retail for £950.

Don’t get me wrong, the new D36 will not be replacing our standard 25mm Octbox MK13-1 system. At £299 for the basic package, this still represents great value for money, and we fully expect that it will continue to be our best selling seatbox.

All the new D36 box will do is give those with a larger budget the opportunity to get their hands on what we believe to be the best seatbox ever made.”

Check out our March issue of Pole Fishing for your chance to win one of the Octbox D36 systems in our exclusive competition!

RRP: £950

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