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Pro Natural Talent

Kerry, Godfrey and Scholey top at Thorne!
The Bait Tech Pro Natural Teams Of Three got underway on the Stainforth & Keadby Canal at Thorne recently, and it was organisers Tom Scholey, Lee Kerry and Matt Godfrey who took an early lead with a combined total weight of 41-10-0. This gives them a 4-1-0 lead over the second-placed team, made up of Alastair Chisholme, Nathan Hughes and Nigel Bull.

In the individual stakes, it was Matrix Dynamite Trentmen ace, Chris Greensides who coasted to a victory, with a 16-12-0 from Peg 170. Chris caught stamp on roach bloodworm, and several better skimmers late in the day on caster. Runner-up was Pole Fishing’s own Matt Godfrey, with just one ounce less than Chris – he weighed in with 16-11-0. Matt caught quality roach and a bream on bloodworm, from the ‘Flats’ section.  Just two pegs away from Matt, his teammate Lee Kerry snatched third place, with a 15-9-0 catch made up of predominantly roach and a bonus perch.

The second round takes place next Sunday, January 11th.


1 Chris Greensides (Matrix Dynamite Trentmen) 16-12-0 (Peg 170)
2 Matt Godfrey (Pole Fishing Magazine) 16-11-0 (Peg 258)
3 Lee Kerry (Preston Innovations) 15-9-0 (Peg 260)
4 Alan Scotthorne (Drennan/ Sensas) 14-8-0 (Peg 259)
5 Matt Parkin (Matrix Dynamite Trentmen) 13-6-8 (Peg 206)

Section Winners (£50)

Chris Greensides
Matt Godfrey
Matt Parkin
Sean Ashby
Tom Scholey
Frankie Gianoncelli
Jonny Freeborn
Kyle Wainwright
Simon Fields
Mark Wainwright
Steve Barraclough
Adam Harrison

Bait-Tech Pro Natural Bait Winners (section runners-up, league entrants only, bait presented after the final round.)

James Dent
Tom Potter
Mick Bower
Lee Harrison
Lee Kerry
Alistair Chisholm
Nicky Crooks
Gavin Liversedge
Helen Dagnell
Jake McNeill
Cam Hughes
Julie Abbott

League To Date

Overall Team

Week 1
1st Lee Kerry Tom Scholey Matt Godfrey 41 10
2nd Alistar Chisholme Nigel Bull Nathan Hughes 37 9
3rd John Freeborn Bryan Hawks Paul Slack 34 14
4th Kyle Wainwright Helen Dagnall Shaun Stockley 33 0.5
5th Frankie Gianoncelli Simon Fields Sam Wildsmith 29 10.5
6th Alan Scotthorne Oliver Scotthorne Gavin liversedge 29 5
7th Pete Kitwood Paul Kerr Gordon Smith 25 15.5
8th Higgy Matt Parkin Stu Burdekin 23 2.5
9th Dave Brookes James Dent Andy Geldart 21 9
10th Wanger Lee Harrison Rich Pullford 20 1
11th Cameron Hughes Sean Ashby Ed Warren 19 10
12th Julie Abbot Adam Dowd Kayleigh Smith 19 10
13th Steve Barraclough Ben Roberts Darren Frost 18 14
14th Ian Chadburn Adam Harrison Brett Clarke 16 12
15th Pat Daly Nicky Crooks Mick Bower 13 2

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