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Up Close: Absolute 36 White Edition Seatbox Featured

Is there a better-looking seatbox on the market today? Editor Jake Fowles doesn’t think so…

Just look at it… the Absolute 36 White Edition is a thing of beauty. It may not be constructed using carbon fibre but it holds its very own appeal and attraction, sitting majestically on its six 36mm legs adorning that beautiful white frame that is so recognisable on the bank.

The Absolute 36 White Edition is certain to quickly build up a following, maybe even one that surpasses the dizzy heights its predecessors managed.

So, what improvements have been made since previous models?

Mag Lok

Well, it’s no secret that the clips on the old Absolute seatboxes were a little bit… ‘annoying’. They did the job, eventually, but were most certainly a key component of the previous Absolute boxes that Preston Innovations was looking to improve with the Absolute 36 seatbox range.

IMG 1910

It’s safe to say it has managed that goal and the brand new Mag Lok system is an absolute triumph (see what I did there?). Featuring a built-in magnet, each clip is easily opened and even more positively closed with a reassuring click as the magnets secure your drawers in place.

IMG 1898

You will also notice the very useful Winder Indicators that are available for all Mag Lok trays. These can be easily clipped into place and are available in a range of colours, and their main purpose to help the user identify what’s within the specific tray, with indicators available to match each variation of Preston Innovation winder available. Of course, you can choose to keep things simple and black and white indicators are fitted as standard.

There’s More…

Improvements don’t stop with Mag Lok either. Screw locking on both the stacker system and footplate, as seen on the previous Absolute boxes, have been replaced with a much improved spring-loaded pin system. This speeds things up no end and allows the user to remove the footplate and stacker completely in an instant, and lock it back into place just as quickly. These pins can also be used to secure the footplate in both possible ‘extended’ positions.

IMG 1914

Moreover, the stacker itself can be removed from the rear of the seatbox, a seemingly minor adjustment but one that just makes sense, seeing as this is where you will be wanting to access it from in 99 per cent of situations.

Low Profile

We all know the importance of keeping bankside disturbance to an absolute minimum (did it again there), and while there is only so much that can be done, the Absolute 36 goes a long way to help by reducing our profile while sat on the bank.

The Absolute 36’s low-profile nature goes some way to help achieve this and along with the 36mm legs, strong, reliable mudfeet and a critically designed frame, not only is this optimum seating position achieved but the Absolute 36 feels incredibly stable.

IMG 1915

In fact, this stability remains even when the legs need to be extended – wading out and placing your box in the water, for example, something natural-venue anglers in particular often take advantage of. This is largely due to the 32mm internal extensions that reside within the seatbox’s 36mm legs.

These are secured in place using high-torque tightening handles, which you just feel you can secure properly in the full knowledge that they aren’t going to slip.

The ‘Package’

As standard you will receive a nice mix of units for your Absolute 36. The padded pole seat features an integrated drawer while an additional 40mm compartmented side drawer unit is also supplied. Two 26mm shallow units also come as standard, one of which is fixed to the frame itself and gives you a base to build from.

IMG 1976

You’ll also find a stacker lid, box cover, padded shoulder strap and an adaptor to convert existing Preston Shuttles to transport your new sparkly seatbox!


I have always been a big fan of Preston Innovations seatboxes. In fact, I have owned my fair share of them over the years, with each upgrade bringing something new to the table.

While there wasn’t too much wrong with the previous Absolute boxes, the Absolute 36 manages to incorporate plenty of improvements that without doubt make it one of the standout seatboxes on the market, one that simply cannot be ignored should you be looking to upgrade any time soon!

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